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Designed to prevent overdose death for anyone using drugs alone: In light of COVID-19, BRAVE, a Canadian cooperative, released ahead of schedule its overdose prevention tool with peer-to-peer remote supervision.

Designed to prevent overdose death for anyone using drugs alone, the BeSafe Community app does however require people to have access to a smartphone and an internet connection.

Use of the app is anonymous and private, unless and until an overdose occurs, at which point the Caller’s location will be shared, together with other secret information such as contact details for a nearby, trusted responder, so that help can be sent.

It works as follows (more info at the dedicated website linked below):

• a person pushes a button in the app to connect by voice with a Supporter;
• the Caller and Supporter establish and agree a Rescue Plan and stay on the phone until the Caller is no longer at risk of overdose, at which point the Caller is able to end the call. 
• if the Supporter ends the call, or is disconnected, the Caller is connected to a back-up Supporter. 
• if the Caller becomes unresponsive the Supporter notifies the Caller, through the app, that help is being called, and the Caller is given an opportunity to respond (if they have not, in fact, overdosed).
• if the Caller does not respond, their location, together with additional information such as a preferred contact, is disclosed to the Supporter, who can connect with emergency and community responders to send help.

The BeSafe app is available for community organisations, such as supervised consumption sites, harm reduction organisations and drug user unions, to roll out private communities to their clients and members, and anyone can apply to be a Supporter.

The Brave Coop also offers a high-sensitivity sensor to prevent overdoses in public washrooms and a smart button for residents of supportive housing.

Click here for more information.


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